Schools FAQ

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Are activity staff qualified?

Yes. All the activity staff are qualified and experienced in the activities that we provide. The activity providers we work with are licenced and qualified to operate in France and have in depth experience and local knowledge of the activity and area they work in.

Do activity staff speak English?

Yes. Activity instruction and guidance will be delivered in English.  We work with the same activity staff each year and they know our requirements and the level our clients are at and the need for detailed information and support.

What are the facilities like at the centre?

We can accommodate groups of 40-45 plus staff (1:10).  Groups will be given a separate floor to themselves when other groups are using the centre.  There is a spacious dining room, large reception area, relaxed sitting area, games tables, cinema and large drying area. We also have access to the village boule court, a hard court and a gymnasium.

What are the bedrooms like at the centre?

Bedrooms are for 2 -3 people sharing with hand basins and a shower in each one.  Toilet facilities are in the corridors. The rooms are spacious, clean and well lit. All bedding is provided.

How will people be chosen to share a bedroom?

We ask that staff from the School or College allocate rooms before they arrive and that they remain vigilant to make sure that the dormitory groups are happy and functional.

Are young people supervised in the evenings?

Yes. Each evening there will be supervised activities and relaxation time.  This may be in the form of preparation for an activity, playing a sport, relaxing or watching a film.

Is there access to the internet or a mobile signal?

There is Wi-Fi but a limited mobile signal due to the mountain environment.  Communication can be made via email to school staff or PAC.

How much pocket money should my child bring?

We suggest approx. €30 for general needs but more if you are hiring kit.  See kit hire rates.

What is security like at the centre?

We suggest that valuables or items of significant sentimental value are not brought on the holiday. Passports and money can be lodged safely with school staff and rooms can be locked when groups are out of the building during the day.

What is the food like?

The food is wholesome, well balanced, high energy, home cooked and nutritious. Breakfast is a continental style with cereal, bread, fruit, yogurt, fruit juice and hot drink.  Lunch and supper consist of are 3 course meals taken in the dining room at tables of 6-8 people.  When away from the centre for activities, we will take a packed lunch.

Do you cater for vegetarians?

Yes. We cater for all special dietary requirements as long as we know well in advance.

What happens if the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities?

If it is not suitable to run an activity, we will alter the programme to suit the weather conditions on the day.   We have access to the local school gymnasium that has provided us with a suitable alternative during periods of adverse weather.

Are young people forced to do all the activities?

No, young people are never forced, but we do encourage people to attempt all parts of the activity programme. The programme is specially designed so that everyone can achieve during the week and that their time with us is a positive learning experience.  If we along with school staff, feel that a young person is not going to benefit from a particular experience then they do not need to continue with the activity.

Do you supply any activity equipment?

All technical equipment for the activities is supplied. We also hire waterproof jackets and trousers, walking boots, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Other items can be bought from a local shop if we are not able to provide it. Please see the kit list.

What are the toilet facilities like for camping?

When we camp in the mountains we will not be in a commercial campsite. Therefore we ensure that the toilet facilities are hygienic and that everyone is familiar with the routine of keeping themselves and the facilities clean.

How far away are medical facilities in case of an emergency?

Medical facilities are in St Girons, our local town, 30 mins from the centre and have good access to them from all our other activity sites.  All professional staff are first aid trained and first aid kits are taken on all activities. When away from the centre a support vehicle is available. When in the mountains, again support vehicles are positioned strategically and we have access to mountain rescue facilities if needs be.

Are there any biting insects?

Normally, during June and July there are few, if any biting insects to bother us.  On occasions we have encountered mosquitos in the mountains but this has been more a seasonal abnormality rather than a norm. We advise that when walking in the mountains, a long sleeved shirts and long trousers are worn to protect against sunburn or biting insects.  If you know you have a bad reaction to biting insects then we advise you bring insect repellent and anti-histamine tablets or cream to treat any bites.