Adventure Safari

Our Adventure Safaris combine a variety of outdoor activities, cultural interests and visitor attractions designed for families. They run from late June – end of August and can be 1-4 days to include activities you choose to do. (minimum 4 people) 

Below are some options to build into your Adventure Safari

Rafting, High ropes, Caving, Climbing and Gorge walking.
Choose any of the above activities to make part of your adventure safari. All activities are based locally so easy to get to in the same day if you want to make them a morning and afternoon activity. (subject to availability / bookings / weather).

Cycle the Voie Vert (green route)
Cycle from Foix to St. Girons (or visa versa) along the old railway line, now a cycle track. Approx 42 km. Have lunch en route, a dip in the river to cool down and enjoy the surroundings. Once at Foix or St. Girons, explore the towns, their markets and castles.

Water sports at local lakes.
We have a fleet of SUP (paddle boards) and SOT kayaks that you can hire when visiting a local lake. We will provide all the kit and make sure you are safe, offering guidance and tuition if needed. Lunch can be had in a local village restaurant / cafe, take a BBQ or make a pique-nique.

Trekking / Road Cycling.
We also offer trekking along parts of the Chemin de la Liberte (an old WW2 escape route) and road cycling along routes used in the Tour de France.

Local markets and Cave visit 
Market day in St. Girons is on a Saturday. If you want to experience a large, original French market, Ariege style, then you must include this colourful market on Saturday mornings.  It is one of the best “local markets” in the region.

Also on Wednesdays, visit the smaller, local market in Maz d’Azil, in the morning, have lunch and in the afternoon the choice of a tour in the local prehistoric cave, that the road passes through.

N.B. We remain flexible when building activity days, but some activities work well together due to proximity and logistics. As we work with various holiday accommodations we often form small parties or join other groups when necessary. Activities vary according to what is available on the day, the weather and the over all demand for the activities. All the activities will be in the local area so that travel is kept to a minimum. Please book in advance as activities and visitor attractions will get booked up during the holiday period..

Weather Conditions: If weather conditions on the day prevent your chosen activity from taking place for health and safety reasons, then we will either arrange the activity for another day, find another suitable activity for you or refund your money.

Seasonal Activities:Some activities are seasonal and therefore do not run all year round or may be affected by unseasonable weather. e.g. rafting, Para gliding.

Kit for an Adventure Safari: Below is a list of suggested clothing and equipment for an adventure safari. For all specialist activities, safety and technical equipment will be provided by the operator or us.

  • Sun hat, Sun cream, Sun glasses
  • A long sleeved shirt (for protection from sun and biting insects)
  • Long activity trousers (for protection from sun and biting insects)
  • Change of clothes
  • Swimming shorts
  • Towel (quick -dry)
  • Wash kit
  • Fleece top (after water sports or cool evenings)
  • Waterproof Jacket & Trousers (can hire from us)
  • Trainers or walking boots (can hire walking boots from us)
  • Good quality walking socks – (will prevent blisters when walking)
  • Water bottle (minimum of 1 ltr)
  • Small 1st aid kit
  • Backpack 20-40 litres (can hire from us)
  • Food/Snacks during or after activities. e.g. chocolate, nuts, energy bars, dried fruit, etc)

N.B. The above list is in addition to what you normally wear. Weather conditions will dictate what clothing is needed. Remember that in the mountains and the foothills during July and August, it is not uncommon to experience brief but dramatic thunderstorms.