A bit about us…

Before arriving in the Ariege, South West France, I had spent 15 years living and working in the remote North West of Scotland with my family, where we ran our outdoor activity company, Cape Adventure International Ltd, now called Ridgway Adventure.

In 2008, I was in the Pyrenees mountains, looking for a place to start the next adventure. I was searching for something a bit special. It was difficult to describe what that “special” was but I knew I would recognise it when I arrived there, as is so often the case.

At the end of a long day, I drove south from Saint Girons, along a cool Pyrenean valley, with its towering rock walls reaching up from the river bed. Fresh snow melt crashed over ancient rocks, throwing up a fine mist that drifted up to the line of beech trees that carpeted the surrounding foothills. My sense of adventure was stirred within and I was keen to push on to see what was round the next corner. Eventually I came to the neat mountain village of Seix, set out on a wide floodplain surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery.

Seix is a village that welcomes you in with its easy charm and leaves you wanting to discover more. It has, by chance or by design, attracted a type of person whose energy and passion for a life of adventure has given the village a heartbeat of its own. After a brief tour of the village, I could see how things could work here, but more importantly I could feel that Seix had that “special” quality I was looking for. It was indeed, the place to start again.

In June 2009, the Pyrenees Adventure Company was up and running. We welcomed our first school groups, explored the Chemin de la Liberte (Freedom trail) and had run our first cycle tour along La route des Cols.

Since then, the company has grown and developed. We offer a range of activity programmes for schools,families and adults that include multi-activity, walking trips in the mountains and cycle tours.

Will Burchnall.